January 27, 2017

You're using Windows 7 Yet? Microsoft Warns

Microsoft warns of Windows 7. Of course, immediately advise changing to newer, apparently being a safer version known as Windows 10.

Windows 7 does not meet the requirements of modern technology and safety requirements. This is not an opinion opponent of this system, only for the Microsoft. The company believes that using an older version of the system exposes its users to cyber attacks. Just developers are willing to support new solutions, such as Windows 10, and those who are left behind, do not always have access to updates, patches or fixes.

Consequently, an older system easier to attack using the unpatched hole.

You're using Windows 7 yet? Microsoft warns - this system is outdated

Relax, Windows 7 is not so old and not dangerous yet. At least until January 2020 year you can sleep peacefully, because that's when Microsoft officially will end support for the "Windows Seven". In addition, the program makers believe it as so fast operating system and will not leave it so quickly, because it is, however, still a very popular system. Additional to that Mozilla this year has also not stopped supporting Windows XP and is showing that the old equipment will not be immediately abandoned.

But why the rush to Microsoft? Why now draws attention to the fact that the older system lags behind, so Connecting to Windows 10 does not wait?

Percentage of Windows 7 Users to Windows 10 Users

Just look at the numbers. Windows 10 slowly approaching 25 percent. As a whole share, but the leader is still a lot missing. This Windows 7 is the most popular system, using it almost 50 percent. PC users. What's more, this "Windows Seven" is often chosen easy to use and faster than "Windows Ten".

No wonder that Microsoft is not happy with that.

And although theoretically till 2020, Windows 7 will be officially supported by Microsoft, it slowly begins to campaign under the title "Windows Seven is already too old, remove it." Besides while buying new computers you do not even have a choice. They all loaded with windows 10 or sometimes are upgraded to Windows 10 automatically.

"Microsoft Witch Hunt" may irritate some people, but there is no denying that the use of old software or system is indeed risky. Although beating the alarm in the case of Windows 7 is probably a bit too early.

Photo by TMAB2003

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