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by Naveed A LodhiMarch 23, 2015 being one of the largest website providing high quality movies majorly in 720p, 1080p and 3D fomat, was suspended because of copyright cases building up against YIFY.

Currently the domains,, and even are redirecting to Some of the fake websites are trying to gain traffic and income obviously by using the nearly same name to fool people by asking to register and get money. But purpose of YIFY is to provide good quality movies for free. Which is apparently a wrong thing, because the people making the website can’t earn in this way. Well everyone has his own reasons and targets to achieve.

The domain register company FRNIC has also given a notice to YIFY that the french domain will also be suspended by the end of this month as Copyright advocacy pressure is increasing on them as well.

YIFY gained huge popularity in 2014 specially after the “Pirate Netflix – Popcorn Time” app gained popularity which was using the YIFY (YTS) api to provide movies. After this the Copyright and Infringement radars were more on scan to find the involvements. Unlike everyone, FRNIC provided a 1 month notice to YIFY Administrator to put down the content as a gesture of politeness to their customer.

YIFY in returned said “It was very nice of FRNIC to give us more than a week prep time. I see too many cases were the registrar closes an account without warning,”

The server information is:

IP address:
IP-Location: Hungary – HU
Whois results: Tonic whoisd V1.1

The said domains are currently redirecting their existing traffic to but they are more likely to be closed for good by the end of March 2015. Let’s see that how many cases may be piled up against the TONGA .TO domain provider.

Incoming search terms:

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