Yandex has Opened its own Android Store


Russian Internet company “Yandex” has made ​​available to the public an online store applications for the Android “Yandeks.Store “, which is positioned as an alternative to Google Play store and has to date 50 000 programs, said the “Yandex”.

“Now the market is Android-devices are very heterogeneous. In addition to the major players, there are many small companies. Launching a new store, we are expanding the choices available to mobile device manufacturers and, as a result, end-users “, – said the head of the “Yandeks.Store” Alexander Zverev.

According to the company, users can already download free “Yandeks.Store” on their devices to link / store. In addition, the online store “Yandex” pre-installed on the device several manufacturers – Oppo, PocketBook, Explay, TeHet, Wexler, 3Q and Qumo. In this case, some of them, according to representatives of “Yandex”, it is the only app store.

Online store “Yandeks.Store” includes free and paid apps that you can pay by credit card or from a mobile operator account “Megafon”, “Beeline” and MTS. Work with payments provides an electronic payment system “Yandex”. All programs before publication in the store, according to the “Yandex”, tested system of “Kaspersky Lab” for viruses.

As noted in the “laboratory”, protection is necessary because the popularity of Android users and the openness of the platform has led to the fact that 99% of all detected during the last year of malicious mobile software was aimed at Android-device.

“The scheme of integrated protection” Kaspersky Lab “allows users to” Yandeks.Store ‘confidence that the downloaded application is safe for them and their mobile device, “- said the director of product and service” Kaspersky Lab “Peter Merkulov.

In the largest application store for Android Google Play implemented its own system of checks for malicious applications. The system has reduced the number of malicious applications, but did not save them from the store entirely. In the “Kaspersky Lab” claim to use the engine will provide comprehensive protection of users from malware, including viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware and adware. In addition, as specified in the company’s RIA news, check for malicious applications will not affect the timeliness of its publication in the store. In competing stores, for example, in the Apple App Store, check applications for safety and compliance with the store can “stretch” the publishing process for a few weeks or months.

“Yandex” has announced that its online application store in October 2012, but until now it was only available to developers. In early February, a branded store on the basis of “Yandeks.Store” launched a communication operator “MegaFon”. Manufacturers who set store “Yandex” to their own devices, will receive part of the revenue from the sale of applications. Interface “Yandeks.Store” is available in eight languages ​​- English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, and Ukrainian.