Yahoo! will distribute unused electronic mailboxes


Yahoo! has launched a service Wishlist, which will allow users to leave the application for busy but unused addresses with beautiful and memorable logins. Wishlist system runs until August 7.

One user can submit up to five applications for names that after a period of inactivity will be handed over to him. Yahoo! say that “very significant” number of old email ID may be available, although exact figures on the list does not provide the company.

To ensure that account was recognized as inactive and eligible to be deleted, it must be idle for at least a year. In addition, users will be notified of inactive accounts from Yahoo! Inactivity on their account before the account will be transferred to the new owner. Transfer period will last for 48 hours, during which time the owner can still regain the box.

Yahoo! expect the first transfers email will be August 15. In a statement, the company said that this move will help to breathe new life into the e-mail system. The company says that before passing an old box, Yahoo! completely cleanse it and changed the password to login.