July 11, 2013

Yahoo! has Disabled one of the Oldest Search Engines

Funds are released from the closure of AltaVista, will focus on the development of the most promising projects.

Internet company Yahoo! finally sent into the history of search engine AltaVista, considered the only extant Internet search engine, the first wave. Its rivals, in particular, Ask Jeeves and Lycos, have long ceased to exist.

Recall the decision to permanently close AltaVista, Yahoo! announced in the last month. Yahoo! itself is now conducting a campaign of austerity and funds are released from the closure of AltaVista (and a number of other legacy products Yahoo!), will focus on the development of more promising for the present project.

AltaVista appeared in December 1995 and was supported by the most powerful available at the time the computing server - server 64-bit DEC Alpha. It was the fastest retrieval system that could handle millions of searches per day.

An important innovation was the inclusion of AltaVista search for natural language. Users can print a phrase or question and get an intelligent response.

Now known search engine, significantly enhanced by specialists DEC, became available to users in November 1995. In 1998, the search engine was bought out by a corporation Compaq. At the same time address the search engine remained the same - altavista.digital.com. A set in the address bar altavista.com led to getting on the website of the company AltaVista Technology.

As a result, search engine popularity has led to a huge influx of visitors to the site AltaVista Technology and the loss of potential users of the search engine. As a result, the domain altavista.com was bought by Compaq for $ 3.35 million in August 1998 (the largest deal of its kind at the time). Despite this, Compaq and failed to profit from the search engine. Therefore, in June 1999, negotiations began Compaq Corporation and CMGI the formation of a network of strategic alliance in which the AltaVista was sold to CMGI. August 19, 1999 it was announced the acquisition of Compaq Corporation CMGI at 83% of AltaVista.

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