July 18, 2013

Yahoo! Expects the Fall of Financial Performance

Internet company Yahoo! predicts that in the current quarter, the company had revenue below market expectations, as predicted worsening financial situation in the market, and not as a rapid effect of a succession of recent acquisitions.

The company predicts that in the current quarter, Yahoo! had revenue of $ 1.06 billion, versus Wall Street expectations of $ 1.12 billion in the second quarter of the reporting Yahoo! also showed the result of $ 1.07 billion, up 1% worse last year and below expectations of $ 1.08 billion

Operating profit amounted to Yahoo! 35 cents a share, while analysts had expected the figure to around 30 cents. Net income for the year increased 46% to $ 331.2 million.

Yahoo! expects the fall of financial performance

Commenting on the results of the quarter, the head of Yahoo Marissa Mayer announced that it intends to start a chain reaction in the company that would eventually lead to a significant increase in sales. However, growth is expected in the long term, as long as Yahoo! lowers full-year sales forecast for 2013 to $ 4.55 billion, from $ 4.6 billion.

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