Yahoo! Acquired Social Media Browser Rockmelt

Internet company Yahoo! acquired social media and social network browser Rockmelt, to implement a technology used in it in their own products.

On August 31, 2013 browser and mobile applications Rockmelt stopped working suddenly. The founders of the service to join the management personnel of Yahoo!. The deal has not been disclosed, but according to Bloomberg, the browser is estimated at approximately USD $50-70 million.

Yahoo! acquired social browser Rockmelt

Rockmelt browser was launched in 2009 based on the developed platform in Google Chromium. Its social component was to tight integration with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, for the alerts that can be watched on the side panels of the program. In addition, Rockmelt took into account the most popular among users of the news.

Recall that a little more than a year of operation, the head of Yahoo! Marissa Mayer has acquired at least 20 Internet start-ups, not counting the blogging platform Tumblr, spending on them about $ 1.2 billion in this way, it adds a command Yahoo! talented employees, simultaneously improving the company’s own products.

Photo Credit: EPA