Xiaomi Launches its First ever Drone for just $450


Finally, Xiaomi’s first ever Mi drone is here for just $450. It is a smooth move by a cell phone manufacturer to place its feet in drone business. The rumours were revolving around about this news but still it is a surprise to see a phone manufacturer launching drones and that too at a very affordable price.

Xiaomi is very well known for its smartphones all over the world but inside China, it is also making some other electronics like Yi action cam and Mi box. Now, the company’s drone has been launched. Now, most of you will be thinking what’s next? The answer to this question is that no one knows what Xiaomi is planning next, but we should expect more surprises from a Chinese company.

Xiaomi’ Mi drone will come in two different versions; one with 4K resolution camera and the other with a 1080p camera. The drone with 1080p camera resolution has been launched in May, and the drone with 4K resolution camera will launch in July. The price of Xiaomi’s 4K resolution camera drone is 2999 Chinese yen (approximately $450), and the cost of Mi drone with 1080p resolution camera is 2499 Chinese yen (about $380).

drone -  image

The prices seem to be very cheap than the competitors as DJI’s (market leader) least expensive drones with 4K resolution camera start from $800. As you can see, there’s a huge difference in prices. The only thing to be tested now is the quality and performance of the Mi drone. Although DJI’s drone would be of better quality Xiaomi’s deal is not so bad after all.

CEO Lei Jun said in a statement that, “We want everyone to be able to afford good products. That was why I set up Xiaomi in the first place.”

The Mi drone has a very attractive shape with a ball-shaped camera. The camera is detachable and can be detached when needed. The Mi version with 1080p camera resolution features a 16-mega pixel Sony sensor and the version with 4K resolution features a 12-mega pixel sensor which can record video at 3,840*2,160p at 30fps. The camera can also take photos.

The drone comes with a removable battery of 5,100 mAh and can take a flight for 27 minutes. That is impressive as DJI’s drones can fly for 23-28 minutes depending on the model. The controller of the drone is bunny shaped and has automatic take-off, landing and return modes. The controller can control the Mi drone in 2km radius area. The drone has a feature that when it is out of range from the controller or the battery runs out it comes back to the point from where it flew. That is amazing right, and that is what you expect from Xiaomi.

All-in-all it is a good drone in a low price but only the time will tell that whether it is a success or failure.

Photo by Christopher.Michel