August 13, 2013

Xbox One Can Now Work Without Kinect

Microsoft continues to listen to the wishes of potential customers. The company announced that Xbox One of the Kinect sensor connection is not required. The decision was changed because users were fearing that using the kinect will keep their activities and profiles constantly under surveillance.

"If Kinect is not connected, the console will still work. While you may not be able to use services that require Kinect" - said vice-president of Xbox Live (Marc Whitten). Of course, when the power sensor should not expect that the console, it will be able to recognize the user or respond to voice commands, but will not hurt in playing the game.

This is going to be very interesting news for the XBOX One users, which had so much expectations with Microsoft Gaming Consoles. Let me remind you that in June, Microsoft decided under public pressure to relieve owners of Xbox One need every day to connect to the Internet and has revised its policy on used games, which was a great move in the International Level by a World Class company. Yes, companies still do it to retain the sales level and retain the loyal customers.

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