May 22, 2016

The World's First Robot-Lawyer Hired

Robot-lawyer Ross, created by IBM, based on artificial intelligence Watson, hired in the International Law Office Baker & Hostetler. On Monday, May 16 writes Futurism.

Robot identified in the department, which conducts business related to the bankruptcy proceedings. At the moment, it still consists of 50 employees. Ross can understand questions and answers, derive hypotheses, which argues citations in references to the professional literature. Thus, this Cyber Advocate helps to filter out large volumes of irrelevant information that assist attorneys and increasing efficiency for the number of appeals.

Lawyer shaking hand

Photo: Thomas Frey / DPA /

Besides, the Robot with artificial intelligence is constantly updating the database of trials and notifies lawyers precedents that may affect the consideration of current affairs.

The publication does not specify how Ross got to Baker & Hostetler, as well as the salary he would receive.

At April 25, the Beijing Buddhist temple Longquan began working robot monk named Syaner. The device can replicate human speech, read scriptures, and play music. In addition, Syaner will able to conduct a dialogue and answer questions from visitors of the temple.

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