October 2, 2013

Windows Phone Won 9.2% of European Market With Nokia Lumia

Windows Phone mobile operating system for the first time reached the European market share of 9.2% in this summer, largely due to sales of Nokia smartphones of low to medium price range, according to a survey research firm Kantar.

Nokia, earlier in September 2013 disclosed officially to make a deal to sell Nokia mobile business to Microsoft. Which is said to be the primary and core users of the Windows platform in their smartphones series. Models like Lumia 520 and 620 are popular among users ages 16 to 24 years and from 35 to 49 years old who are particularly interested in a good quality-price ratio. The best sale performance in Windows Phone was recorded in France and the UK which is said to be 10.8% and 12%, respectively.

Nokia Lumia 635 Image

Android is the European market leader with a share of the OS 70% versus 68% in 2012. However, the Samsung smartphone manufacturer rely on the basis of Android, is facing increasing competition from Sony, Nokia and LG. In second place is Apple's iOS with a market share of 16% compared to 14% last year. The share of BlackBerry, announced in September to sell the company, declined from 5.8% to 2.4%.

As the market competition in the field of smartphones is getting high and high, the chances of failures are also getting high. Innovative and unique ideas are gaining more popularity now. Smartphones from China are also gaining the market with Oppo Smartphones, which are remarkably good looking with unbelievably low cost as compared to other smartphones available in the market.

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