July 28, 2016

Wikipedia updated API for Android App

Wikipedia is a free information platform or web portal where anyone can post, edit and share any information about anyone, anything or any place. The best thing about Wikipedia is that information is free and without Ads. Now the question is how do they earn? They cover their expenses through donations only. Wikipedia has more than 500 Million readers per month and now because of the smartphone world, all the information is on the palm of hand and expected to be available quickly asap. Wikipedia App proves to be the best informational app available on Android smartphones.

On July 28th. "Wikipedia" presented a new application for Android operating system, directly with the updated interface. Users in the latest version of the new application can perform in addition to searching for information on the encyclopedia, and read relevant news as well.

Wikipedia Android App

On the main page of the application developers considered Explore tab was posted. Recommended items are also displayed on the tab news, which are based on user browsing history.

It should be noted that all the content is displayed on the cards, which resemble the service Google Now. Just like Google Now, if you want to hide or remove the uninteresting information, you can swipe away the card to side and it will be removed from your screen.

You can also scroll through the recommendations and read beneficial information. It shows the materials, previously recommended to the user. However, if you like the article or news, you can also share it on the popular social networking websites.

The application provides the ability to create a list to read directly from the materials which later can be read offline. The Explore tab has several sections, "In The News" international news with links to relevant Wikipedia various materials is shown. The section "Popular Articles" displays the 5 most popular articles be laid out for the day. The category "Because you read" provides guidance with a variety of articles on Wikipedia, which is based on the user to read or saved the material before.

Download Wikipedia beta Android App | Download Wikipedia Stable Android App

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