November 6, 2013

White Xbox One Ready for Sale at Auction for Charity

White Xbox One Console start up an auction for charity recently, and buyers are getting very serious in order to get this limited edition console by Microsoft. According to MCV, While Xbox One console, which was released only as a limited edition and only available to developers from Microsoft, appeared on the page of a British charity GamesAid on eBay.

The auction runs until November 8. At the time of writing the news last bid was 16,400 Pounds, which is recorded to be the 66 number bid. As noted on the auction page, the new owner will receive a console device only after the official launch of the console in Europe.

Current Bid Scenario for White Xbox One on Ebay

Item condition: New
Time left: 1 day 19 hours (08 Nov, 2013 15:07:41 GMT)
Current bid: £16,400.00
[ 66 bids ]

British charity GamesAid takes care of sick children and adolescents. For the sake of the organization regularly sells on eBay a variety of games, consoles, accessories and other items, they will be provided as the major publishers as well as casual gamers. So, from what is put up on eBay at the moment, in addition to White Xbox One is connected via USB Controller Play Sega, compatible with PC, Mac and PS3, collectible version of Fallout New Vegas and a red cap in the form of pikmina Pikmin 3.

The existence of the white version of Xbox One became known in August. Then the description of the console published on the website Reddit, one of his people, and then his words confirmed the media. This console is only for those employees Microsoft, who participated in the creation of consoles. Free sale of devices the company has no plans.

Black console Xbox One will be released in Europe on November 22.

White Xbox One

White Xbox One Special Edition

A little note for Bidders of White Xbox One


Thank you for your interest and bidding on our Charity auction

As you can see bidding for this item is now at a very serious level and as a charity we need to ensure that all bidders and the charity are protected from any activity which could damage the integrity of the auction

It is a shame really, some of the bidders are obviously just spoilers. Not really sure about the mind set of those who clearly want to interfere with a charity auction.

We have the eBay protection unit swinging into action and hopefully we can get this back on course so serious genuine bidders can again be involved with the full knowledge that everything about this auction is fair and just.

To help with this process, I would ask bidders to contact us to confirm they are serious participants in this auction.

Unfortunately any bidders who do not make contact will have their bids removed and be blocked from participating.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but it is in the best interests of all involved.

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