May 11, 2016

WhatsApp has Released an Application for Computers

Messenger WhatsApp will now work on computers running the Windows and Mac, said in a blog post by the company. It was already running via web version via, but now you can download and install the WhatsApp Software on your computer or laptop either running Windows or Mac.

The new application is designed same as a continuation of the mobile application.

"It mirrors the conversations and messages from your mobile device," - wrote the company.

As per the news portal "The Verge", this means that in order to work with the application on your computer, you will have to be sure to have your phone connected via Internet.

WhatsApp can be a tech threat to Skype or iMessage


WhatsApp Messenger. Archival photo
© AP Photo / Patrick Sison

After it is downloaded from the website WhatsApp, users must scan the QR-code with the application installed on the phone. Once this is done, the version for PC will gather the entire history of correspondence from your phone to desktop version of WhatsApp.

The Verge points out the advantages of the new application in comparison with the mobile: in particular, the desktop alert and familiar user hot key combination will also be available. WhatsApp was left behind in Desktop version as Skype and Viber tried to gather the desktop market, but now they have also entered this arena.

WhatsApp Messenger was developed in 2009 by former employees of Yahoo Kum Jan and Brian Acton. On 2014, WhatsApp was taken over by Facebook.

WhatsApp Software Preview on Laptop/Macbook

As noted by The Wall Street Journal, now WhatsApp messenger covers nearly all of the major operating systems, including iOS, Android OS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry as well as web browsers and it is available for both Windows OS and Mac on laptops or computers.

One of the newspaper even mentioned about the messenger, which in the world is used by over a billion people, is a serious threat to competitors, especially to Apple iMessage and Skype from the company Microsoft. As Facebook Messenger has launched some stunning features announced at FBF8 as well but making people use more of WhatsApp will be utilised in a different way for sure.

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