July 13, 2016

Now Watch Purchased Vimeo Videos on Your phone

Still, a significant number of people know that YouTube is the primary video streaming website on the internet today as it is run by the Internet Giant “Google.” However, of course, that does not imply that it has everything from the beginning. Now people have different mindsets about online video sharing services. Many individuals lean toward another mainstream video sharing administration over YouTube, called Vimeo.


Even Dailymotion was among the competitors, but Vimeo stood ground. In November 2004, “Vimeo” was established by “Jake Lodwick and Zach Klein.” However, “Vimeo” is widely used as a video-sharing site and was the first video streaming website to provide Hight-Definition video which started in October 2007. According to Wikipedia, Vimeo attained 100 million unique visitors per month and more than 22 million registered users as of Dec 2013.

"Vimeans," known as the members of the Vimeo community and the users now can easily transfer, share and view recordings.

Vimeo Venyle Advertising

Moreover, right now the acting CEO of “Vimeo” LLC is Kerry Trainor. This video sharing platform was first launched by a group of “filmmakers”. Now it has been grown to more than 14 million members. The majority of them are the filmmakers, liveliness, music and different gems who've possessed the capacity to utilize Vimeo as an approach to share and to advance their working patterns. Being one of the top video sharing websites, with Vimeo, one can also download videos to watch them by remaining offline.


Vimeo makes it simple to discover purchased videos on your phone here is the complete guide

Like “Roku” another streaming media player, which implies, that it takes content from the Web and shows it on your television, “Vimeo's” showed interest in video administration, and the versatile experience required some more work.

In light of that, Vimeo has discharged an overhauled form of its iOS and Android applications, giving clients simple access to recordings they have subscribed to, purchased or leased. It has also brought revolution in online video sharing service e.g. Vimeo, additionally added a  “Buys Library” that gave you a chance to download substance like most of your favorite videos to see offline, for those times when you are not using WiFi or Mobile Data.

In 2008 July, Vimeo banned the Gaming videos and even deleted the existing gaming videos in Sep 2008. Then they lifted the ban in 2014 and so gaming videos were again available to the public. Vimeo launched another stunning feature of 4K video in Dec 2015, which took the video experience to the next level. The quality and speed is all it matters in Video streaming and Vimeo is so far doing everything at its level best.

Vimeo membership package includes $60-per-year Vimeo Plus package with storage of 5GB, Unlimited Channels, Albums and Groups, No-Ads, HD Video Embedding and much more!

Vimeo PRO Package for business and commercial use with 50GB storage, 250k video plays with advanced analytics and more features.

Beside the best features and fast streaming, an awful news about Vimeo is that it still directs you to the desktop site to purchase anything.

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