Privacy Expert Warns Against iPhone 5S Biometric Fingerprint Sensor


The German expert on personal data security, Johannes Caspar, warned of the dangers for privacy biometric fingerprint sensor 5S iPhone, one of the new phones that Apple, recalling that everything is captured by the system becomes “unforgettable”.

“The biometric fingerprint cannot be deleted or in other words, it will be stored for life. Therefore not be transferred by simple finger pressure in a process of identity authentication routine, especially in data storage systems,” said the analyst.

Caspar, head of Data Protection in the city-state of Hamburg, also rejected Apple’s argument that these data are stored only on the device each.

“The current user is not in a position now to control what their applications with the information they are deposited,” says the expert, because that is just only available to those who possess extensive technical knowledge.

Caspar also believes that precedence should be the principle that store data only when it is really important and necessary, not simple “comfort”.

The fingerprint reader Touch ID is one of the features of the new iPhone 5S Photo: Reuters

The expert warnings before the new iPhone are part of the Germans to distrust everything about the privacy of personal data, a kind of sacrosanct for many of its citizens, less likely to “give” information from social networks or applications that in other Western countries.


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