May 7, 2014

Videotron Movies Attack on Netflix

Videotron launches into the arena with Netflix. Tomorrow, its illico Club will first direct rival Netflix in Canada will cost $ 9.99 per month or $ 2 more than Netflix. "It was a growing demand from our customers, who want their content wherever and whenever they want," said Robert Dépatie, President and CEO of Videotron.

Robert Dépatie, CEO of Videotron, and Pierre Karl ...  (Photo Canadian Press)

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Illico Club will Videotron offer 2,000 movies and TV series, all in French (10% of the shares will be available in English). Number, there will be 200 Quebec titles (ex: The Boys 1 and 2, Museum of Eden) and 1800 foreign securities (eg Spider-Man 1, 2 and 3, The Social Network). "Netflix does not even have 100 titles in Quebec and we bought everything that was free of rights in Quebec," said Robert Dépatie. The service will be available on both platforms illico (TV on demand, mobile applications) and on the web. According Videotron half of Netflix subscribers listen on their TV. Like Netflix, the first month is free.

In an era where traditional cable threatens Netflix, Videotron does not, however, feared cannibalizing launching a similar service. "We're always worried, but will illico Club is an alternative that could offset a decline in our revenues in any sector (if applicable)," said Robert Dépatie.

Cable companies like Videotron and owners of TV channels as Astral often complain to the CRTC status Netflix, which is not subject to regulation. Even launching a similar service, Videotron has not abandoned these complaints against Netflix. "Instead of Netflix, our project is regulated is also available as video on demand," said Robert Dépatie. Because of CRTC rules, illico Club will must respect the privileged status of certain channels like Super Screen, unlike Netflix.In practice, some films are available on Netflix and before illico Club will.

The Sun revealed last month, the project will illico Club was officially unveiled yesterday. Vidéotron also took the opportunity to announce the return package unlimited internet bandwidth, which will cost $ 10 or $ 30 depending on the number of services a client.

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