May 5, 2014

Video Camera for Extreme Focus

Video in extreme conditions become a fashionable fad. Remove the "killer" video and post it on the internet the dream of many. Apparently, this explains the attention of users to the so-called Action-cameras.


Phото: portal and service "Yandex.Market" continue publishing joint " rating popular gadgets . " Based on the data of "Yandex", we talk about the most popular products hi-tech, which are of most interest of users of "Market" in a certain period of time. Based on an analysis of user preferences, we make a popularity rating of any devices. Rating this week is dedicated to video and photo cameras.

In the ranking camcorders significant changes. If earlier in the top ranks of our "hit parade" rose only amateur and semi-professional cameras, now in favor with people very different gadget.

The first three entries in the top 10 of the most popular camcorders on "Yandex.Market" in January took Action Camera GoPro HD HERO3 in different variations. Was the most frequently viewed Action Camera GoPro HD HERO3 Black Edition, it is - the top model in the lineup. GoPro HD HERO3 Silver Edition and White Edition is lagging behind by views: they got 79% and 73% compared with the leader.

Interesting fact: the official shipments to Russia GoPro cameras are not, therefore, present in the shops models come to Russia for the "gray" channels.

It should be noted that the prices of the three models GoPro HD HERO3, represented in the rating, quite noticeably different. Cameras themselves differ not only in color, as one might think, but the technical characteristics.

The most accessible of the three is the White Edition - on its official website listed price of about $ 200, on the Russian market, it costs an average of about 10 thousand rubles. $ 100 more (for about 15,000 rubles in Russia) will need to buy GoPro HD HERO3 Silver Edition. The most expensive option Action Camera - Black Edition. Its price is about $ 400 abroad and about 20 thousand rubles in Russia.

The most popular video camera in 2012 - Sony HDR-CX250E - now occupies only the fourth place ranking with a score of 71% display.

Followed by placing the camcorder Panasonic. Model Panasonic HC-V700 scored 58% hits and was fifth. Sixth and seventh positions shared the Panasonic HC-X900 and Panasonic HC-X800, which had by 44% display.

Only 34% of hits to get the camera Sony HDR-CX200E. She was eighth. Ninth and tenth lines with 27% display is divided between the camcorder Sony HDR-CX740VE and Action Camera GoPro HD HERO2 Motorsports Edition of the previous line.


This section continues the struggle of two manufacturers: Canon and Nikon. Camera Canon EOS 600D Kit could not be a leader of last year - it literally went around the turn. But now, she again took the top spot in the top 10, displacing rival - Nikon D3100 Kit - the second position. The gap between the cameras is not great - only 6% of views, which means that the struggle continues. Closes the top three camera Nikon D5100 Kit with 86% display.

Следующие две строчки остались за Canon. Камеры Canon EOS 1100D kit и Canon EOS 650D Kit получили 72% и 69% соответственно. Разместившейся на пятом месте камере Nikon D3200 kit досталось 56% просмотров. Шестым стал фотоаппарат Canon EOS 60D Kit с результатом 51%.

An equal number of hits - at 41% - have a professional SLR camera Canon EOS 5D Mark II Body and advanced Nikon D7000 Kit. Thus, they shared the eighth and duvyatuyu line. At the tenth was the most expensive "SLR" our ranking - Canon EOS 5D Mark III Body with 40% display.

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