September 2, 2013

Vevo of YouTube Launches Independent Music Service

Media Company Vevo, Universal Music and established Sony Music, has become known in the market due to its partnership with YouTube, placing popular video songs for artists in HD Quality. Now Vevo launches in Germany, its own music service, which will not be presented by Google. After getting so much popularity, Vevo has taken this step of finally moving to provide independent music service for its users.

For putting music on Vevo you have to sign A Licensing Agreement with the Association of German Gema, representing the interests and rights holders in the local market and producing their copyright fees for the use of their content. Google previously had some significant differences with respect to Gema payments, they latter filed a lawsuit against YouTube, seeking closure of the last in Germany.

Nick Jones, senior vice president of Vevo, said the company will continue to develop in the direction of independence, however, is not going to take 100% distance, so YouTube and Vevo remains a key partner for the distribution of content on the Internet. "Out on the German market alone, we want to try gain a foothold as an independent brand, "- he said.

Vevo launches independent of YouTube music service
Vivo Logo Credits: Liga

It is expected that the German Vevo project will provide access to approximately 75 thousand video clips, recordings of concerts, and also launched a mobile and web-based clients, including for the platform Apple TV.

Source: CyberSecurity

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