August 21, 2016

Which Version of iPhone 7 Will be Available Commercially

Many people do not know what's going on with multiple versions of the new iPhone 7. It would be two, then Apple said already about three versions of iPhone will be launched namely iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 7 Pro.

Prior to this year's launch of Apple, they prepared a clever plan, which included scenarios prepared for any eventuality. Since the beginning of the expected two things: version of the iPhone 7 with dual camera module on the rear panel and most important of all, if possible it may be available in "traditional" two versions of the new phone, smaller and larger.

So why bigger iPhone 7, equipped with a single module for camera? Well, the fact that Apple was not certain manufacturing capabilities parts supplier to double the camera. The pessimistic scenario assumed so the launch of iPhone model 7 with a smaller screen, and two varieties of a larger model of the popular iPhone 7 Plus (single camera) and elite iPhone 7 Pro (dual-camera), produced in relatively small quantities.

Fortunately, it looks like that will be realized, however, optimistic variant: a smaller iPhone 7 will be equipped with a single camera, and the large iPhones with dual one. It will not be so elitist iPhone 7 Pro, dual module photographic goes simply to the iPhone 7 Plus.

On the margin, it is worth noting that perhaps that the iPhone 7 might not be available in this year. The two models that will be shown perhaps as early as 7 September bear the name iPhone may 6SE and 6SE Plus. Such a scenario is unlikely, but Apple apparently reflected on the behavior of the name iPhone 7 model introducing more spectacular changes, groomed for next year's 10th anniversary of the production of these smartphones.

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