October 1, 2013

Valve Submitted A New Steam Controller Without Sticks

Valve Corporation has presented its own GamePad, called Steam Controller. Description of the device appeared on his official page on the site Steam.

Unlike conventional gamepads, the controller  by Valve completely missing the analog sticks. Instead, the device has two trackpad high resolution, each of which also serves as a button. Thanks to this Steam Controller can be used to control even in the strategic and casual games, which are designed exclusively for input from the mouse and keyboard. Physical return on trackpads is then carried out using linear resonant actuators that, according to developers, can make it much more accurate.

Portal 2 Bindings - Steam Controller

In the center of the Steam Controller is a touch screen that also serves as a button. It will display additional information about the game (for example, a map), which gamers will be able to use directly on the controller. And the information is there will be duplicated on the main screen, lying on top of the game. As explained by the developers, so they intend to avoid the dispersion of attention that occurs when working with two screens.

Steam Controller

Valve promises that it will be possible to use a gamepad to control absolutely all the games from the library of Steam, including even the old ones. According to the developers, the games themselves will perceive the device as an ordinary mouse.

Valve Steam controller goes on sale in 2014, along with the family of gaming devices Steam Machines, which the company announced earlier. Those 300 gamers who participate in the beta Steam Machine, developed directly by Valve, get the controller at the same time with the device.

Part by Part Explanation of Steam Controller

Steam Controller is the third and final product that Valve introduced at the end of September. The first was its own operating system SteamOS, created based on Linux. The company then announced its own gaming devices that will be running SteamOS. They are called Steam Machines. They will perform not only on itself, but also on several of its partner companies. Devices is planned for release in 2014.

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