April 24, 2013

Twitter will implement two-factor authentication

World's Larget Microblogging Service Twitter has started testing two-factor authentication as per the authorized employees, which the company plans to introduce in the near future. According to representatives of Twitter, to get access to the account owner will need to enter just two different kinds of information that will allow the system to identify the user and to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to your account.

The service administration decided to go to these measures, after earlier this week hackings were made to different Twitter-Accounts. The Associated Press, resulting in the page was published false report of two terrorist acts in the White House, which was injured as a result of President Barack Obama. In the same communication, hackers blamed the "explosions" on the Syrians.

Earlier on Twitter have repeatedly accessed by users with a request to beef up security to prevent incidents of burglary accounts. However, it seems that the service administration of Twitter, is only now obsessed with solving this issue. However, as reported by Mashable, microblogging network Twitter started looking for a security specialist, who will be responsible for the "multi-step authentication and detection of fraudulent accounts," in February 2013.

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