September 24, 2016

Twitter Could be Sold in Coming Months

Twitter has become one of the protagonists companies in the Wall Street Friday. The US network CNBC has announced that the microblogging network is receiving bids to seize all of the shares. The microblogging service could be offered for sale. At Twitter, negotiations are underway with major groups such as Salesforce.

Twitter could be sold in the coming months. It is currently only a rumor, but negotiations are now held between the leadership of the microblogging service and several large companies such as Google or Salesforce yet. These negotiations have not yet been confirmed.

The Board is in favor of a sale, but not immediately, it ensures information. After this news two giants, Google and appear. Although, TechCrunch, specializing in technology publication, points to a more giant Verizon.

American teleco is released to the field of social networks after acquiring AOL and disburse 4,800 million. The other looks larger than 140 characters is the Alphabet, the matrix of Google, which seems to be interested in the business led by Jack Dorsey.

However, the closest to close the acquisition, although not expected to be immediate, is

If they come to an end, however, these negotiations could result in the sale of Twitter by the month of December 2016. Other companies like Microsoft and Verizon (Verizon recently bought Yahoo! for $4.83 billion) would also be interested in getting their hands on the microblogging social platform, its advertising platform and on its video sharing service.

The fact is that according to the American press, Twitter is studying several options to revive and show better accounting figures. In the absence of a sale, the group could eventually make off of only part of its activities and dismiss some of its employees. Finally, the short Vine video-sharing app could be sold independently.

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