March 14, 2013

Twitter has Released an Application for Windows 8

World's Top Microblogging Service Twitter launches an application for devices running Microsoft Windows 8, which is already available in the online store and  the Windows Store interface is translated into 22 languages, said in a Twitter. This is a very strong and wise move that Twitter has Released an Application for Windows 8.

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Image via CrunchBase

Operating system Windows 8 is the first desktop platform Microsoft, optimized for both conventional personal computers and with the tablets. Develop applications specifically for Windows 8 service Twitter announced in October last year, but has not disclosed details of the project.

Annex Twitter for Windows 8 are available all of the traditional service tabs - "Home" (Home), "On-line" (Connect), "In the course of" (Discover) and "I" (Me). According to the features of Windows 8 interface, the desktop user will put the "live tiles" application Twitter, which are shown in the background notifications and updates.

Specific function of the new program is the ability to adjust the size of Twitter applications on the desktop (one-third or two-thirds of the screen) and the parallel use of other services. Twitter user for Windows 8 will be able to view photos in full screen mode or in a gallery. Finally, the function Share ("Share") and Search ("Search") will allow you to publish tweets and search for Twitter from any application on Win8 Device.

Active audience microblogging service Twitter in the world has more than 200 million people.

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