May 11, 2014

Twitter Account can Continue After the Death of the User

Appendix LivesOn, can independently continue microblog Twitter-user after his death, will be launched in March this year, the newspaper The Guardian.

"When your heart stops, you continue to tweet" (When your heart stops beating, you'll keep tweeting), - slogan reads applications. The service is based on algorithms that analyze online user behavior - its interesting topics, frequently used words, especially speech.

In case of death of the service will continue to generate a record of the user name, and even publish retweets messages from pages that it is most often quoted. However, during the registration LivesOn user still has to appoint a person to take over the account after death.

"Some of it may offend others happy. Imagine that people will find themselves even a small but legitimate way to continue to" live ", - said Dave Bedvud, representative of Lean Mean Fighting Machine, which is developing the application.

Note that LivesOn - not the only service of its kind. A similar service DeadSocial allows user to pre-create a series of messages that will be posted in its accounts on Facebook and Twitter after his death.

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