Toshiba May Purchase Panasonic Medical Business


Japan technology manufacturer company Toshiba, a private American foundation manager Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co (KKR & Co) and Bain Capital with the support of a consortium of other investors to participate in the tender for the purchase of units of Panasonic, that are engaged in the production of products for medical equipment and healthcare industry.

This transaction can be estimated at around $ 1.5 Billion, according to sources familiar with the situation. Panasonic intend to attract and raise additional money into the company through the sale of a significant portion of shares of Panasonic Healthcare Sector.

This Unit produces products for monitoring blood sugar levels, to create and store electronic medical charts. The deadline for the purchase of Panasonic Healthcare expires on Monday. Shortlisted candidates will be released in early September.

Toshiba может выкупить медицинский бизнес Panasonic

Photo: EPA

Now the questions may arise:

Why Panasonic is doing this, will the products demands be sloping downwards?

Is Panasonic intend to raise capital for manufacturing some other technology sector?

Is Panasonic having difficulties with the current manufacturing scenario?

More questions will arise, but this will only be cleared with the passage of time and especially after the transfer of Medical unit be done completely.

Source: Liga

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