March 20, 2016

Topnotch Features of Android M Marshmallow 6.0

Android M Marshmallow 6.0 update brings the epic which are fairly indicative when compared to lollipop 5. Plenty of new features comes with Marshmallow 6.0, which made the android phone more user-friendly.

Google revealed their best apps in this Android M update. Marshmallow focuses on improving the user experience of android, not only in terms of GUI (Graphics User Interface) but overall experience in terms of usage of Android smartphones. Some major updates are released from time to time which really takes the android experience to a new user level.

8 Topnotch Features of Android M Marshmallow 6.0 Which Makes You Desire to Update Your Android Phone

Google Now On Tap:

Google Now on Tap - Android M

Google Now On Tap is one of the killer feature of android marshmallow.

The idea of this attribute is that you may get more info and action from directly through app.

Now On Tap allows Google to scan the screen whatever you open it and automatically guessing what you want to search for. You don't have to leave one app to run a search in another.

For example lets say you are having text conversation and your friend mentions a name of movie,

Pulling up Now On Tap will show you a small window about that film so you can see reviews and trailers.

That the goal of Google's Now On Tap rather than opening browser and manually performing a search Just pull up

Now On Tap and you'll see what you want.


Android Pay:

Android Pay

Lets say you are in Store and forget your wallet or credit card at home it is most annoying situation when this happens. But no more worry because Android M comes with Android Pay an app which you can use as your credit card for your payments.

Yes! You heard it right, Android Pay is used instead you use credit card just hover your phone in machine.

How to use Android Pay

  • Simply unlock your phone,
  • Place it near the a contactless terminal
  • You are good to go Android Pay is fast and easy

According to Google, Android Pay does not send the real debit or credit card information along with your payment, instead they uses a virtual account number to identify your account so your actual information stays safe.


System UI Tuner:

Android M System UI Tuner

This is the hidden feature of Marshmallow update which gives you more control over your device including control over status bar and pull down menus. Once you enable System UI Tuner, you can change the way your status bar and pull down menu reacts giving you more custom feel that formerly required a rooted device.

Personally I like this feature because some of us have craze to do something WILD with their android beasts so this handy function comes with bit control instead rooting your beast. Similar feature appears if you install OxygenOS and tweak your phone, but it will be available in Android M.


Battery Optimization:

Android M Battery Optimization

Battery timing of any android phone shows its performance as well as durability Because now a days we kill our free time on playing games on our smart phone thanks to Goolge Playstore.

As we have mentioned below about Type-C USB which allows quicker charging.

Google introduced new feature called Doze which hibernate your phone automatically when your phone is inactive for while but some priority notifications and alarm can still come through.

Also I have a battery optimizer which allows you to optimize apps from list, stop the unnecessary apps to have better battery life.


Type C USB:

USB Type-C Cable - Android M

Marshmallow supports Type-C USB allows quicker charging as well as high speed data transfer.

Currently developer has the option to play around with Marshmallow in Nexus 5,6 & 9 soon this feature will be added to other Android devices.


App Permission:

Android M App Permissions

When you are downloading a App that require some silly permissions which seems not necessary but we know that blocking or denying specific app permissions with the help of third party app can break app functions but from now on marshmallow lets you deny or grant permissions individually without any help of third party apps that requires rooting.


Finger Print API:

Android M Finger API

The marshmallow Finger print enabled apps will let you keep your data secured with your fingerprint.

By now Nexus 5X and 6P both comes with fingerprint scanner which can unlock your phone, authorize purchases through your finger print and unlock apps.

Some apps does not utilize this features but there is tons of apps that uses Finger Print-API.

Also in order to use finger print API your phone should have fingerprint hardware so just because app supports fingerprint does  not mean it supports marshmallow Upgraded Phones.


RAM Manager:

Android M RAM Manager

Bigger RAM is required for Android Geeks rather than regular users. You can manage which app is using more RAM you can also free some memory through battery optimizer but RAM manager comes to handy UI so you can freely switch between apps.

You can use Android M, RAM Manger to hunt down an app that's eating your Andy's Memory.

I know it is a hectic thing if you forget your Android Password or Pattern, it happens all the time believe me, a dear friend has written an amazing step by step article explaining how to Unlock your Android Device if you Forget your Password of Pattern.

Hope you like the list of useful apps which will make you desire to upgrade your Smartphone to have Android M. If you think we miss any Android M feature, drop the word in comments.

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