April 6, 2017

Top 8 Free Android Launchers - You Must Know About!

Android, being at high reputed and loved OS system, is also provided with launchers to get you out of same sticky bored position. Although it is well known, that when it comes to theming, tweaking or customization of your smartphone, the android stands on the top. One of the simplest ways to alter the feel and look of your Android system is to use a new Launcher app.android - launchers image

A Launcher is fundamentally an app drawer and home screen component. Nearly all OEMs have got homebrew launchers of their own. They may include Motorola MotoBLUR UX, Sony Timescape UI, Samsung’s Touchwiz UX, HTC Sense, and others. They are usually pre-installed in the builder’s devices, but still, you can simply alter them with a third party launcher provided at Google Play Store.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss about the top free Launchers for Android. You can find their features, device support, cons and pros, and others below.

1. Apex Launcher:

Apex is a selfsame popular launcher. It is notable by its stretchy theming selections. It has ability to mix and match various elements of the themes. This may include the mix-up of icons from Theme B and backgrounds from Theme A and more. Apex launcher also provides with the ability to customize the icons, transitional animations, add 1×1 widgets in dock, change labels, etc. This launcher doesn’t require higher RAM or system, this makes it more suitable for low to middle ranged devices.

Price: Free
Requirement: Android 4.0.3 ICS and above.

2. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is an easily to use launcher around. It is well-known for its cool 3D effects, customizability, small size, and low RAM usage.

Nova’s unique features include its exclusive gesture control that lets you to expand notifications, launch apps, modify home screens through touch gestures, and more. Moreover, Nova has the capability to hide apps, make tabs in app drawer, launching app activities, to change dock and folder look with lots of 3D transitional animations.

Nova Launcher is offered in a free version which is feature-limited, and also available in paid full version.

Price: Free
Requirement: Android 4.0 ICS and above.

3. Go Launcher EX:

This is again one of the most popular and well used launcher in android world. It is debatably 1 of the mostly downloaded launchers available in the Google Play Store. But still couldn’t still reach the popularity of Nova Launcher.

Go Launcher provides best options and choices for theming. It is provided with themed icons for various apps. Moreover, in its directory, it has over ten thousand downloadable themes. Go launcher has builtin task killer, app locker, and app hider. It also got 3D Core that allows you to get advanced transition effects. It has a set of 15+ widgets (pre-loaded), along with the choices to download lots of more themed widgets.mihome launcher - launchers image

Another exclusive point about this Launcher is its support to a vast range of Android systems. Out of the box, it can support exactly from the very old 2.2 Froyo to quite useful mid-ranged 4.3 Jellybean.

Price: Free
Requirement: Android 2.2 Froyo and above.

4. Smart Launcher:

Who doesn’t know the Smart Launcher? It is simple, small in size, light on the resources, minimalistic launcher. Its home screen is awfully modest, with just a simple clock, along with some shortcuts provided at the bottom screen. With this launcher, you can also re-arrange all the apps manually. It also provides the facility to be customized easily by themes as well as icon packs. You can also hide the options such as installed apps from your menu and can also change the app icons.

Price: Free
Requirement: Android 2.1 Eclair and above.

5. ADW Launcher:

ADW is one more stocked Android-based launcher. Its distinctive point is that it can support even a very old version of Android such as 1.6 Donut as well. It is highly customizable, along with themes and thousands of icon packs. It also gives you the capability to mix and match various downloadable themes just according to your choice. Moreover, it also has the configurable desktop layout, customizable docks, widget resizing, changeable text color, unread notifications counter animations and etc.

Price: Free (Paid version available for 161 INR)
Requirement: Android 1.6 Donut and above.

6. MiHome Launcher:

Most of the people don’t know about this amazing launcher. But most of the people are using Android, they have heard about the MIUI ROM. However, MiHome Launcher is generally the MIUI Stock launcher, excluding that it is obtainable for all Android devices. This Launcher does not feature an app drawer rather than that of opts for greater iOS-like approach, along with all app icons provided on the home screen. Moreover, unlike iOS home, the MiHome provides with another step and it also allows widgets available on the home screen as well. But the negative point is that MiHome is somehow heavy on the hardware (android device). But also the MiHome is fully free of cost. It also supports all systems that run with Gingerbread v2.3 or above models.mihome launcher - launchers image

Price: Free
Requirement: Android 2.3 Gingerbread and above

7. Buzz Launcher:

Buzz Launcher is a quite newly competitor to the Android Launchers world. It provides the choice to get beautifully designed home screen themes developed through the people around the world. You just have to browse through the gallery, choose a theme, and it’s done. You can also generate your own appearance and can upload this one to the Buzz’s server.

Over eighty thousand inimitable home screen themes are accessible at Buzz Launcher. Furthermore, it is also compatible with the apps of custom widget maker such as Zooper Widget, MinimalistText, UCCW etc. It also got its own widget designs, icon modifying support, gesture control support, and more. Another exclusive feature is the facility to set altered wallpaper for each one of the home screens.

Price: Free
Requirement: Android 4.0.3 ICS and above.

8. 360 Launcher:

This Launcher is quite powerful and provided with highly customizable features. It includes outstanding wallpapers, personalized icons, lock screen, widgets, folders, and other online themes. This also gives you the capability to choose and download among the ten thousand plus themes.

Price: Free
Requirement: Android 2.1 Éclair and above.

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