May 1, 2015

Top 5 Features to Promote a New Website

Promotion of new and young websites that do not yet have sufficient assurance in the search engines, has its specific points. Practical results shows that if you do not take into account these factors, it is possible to hang up on low ground in spite of the issuance of the elapsed time and money.

Consider five fundamental features of promotion of the new site.

1. Technical Aspects of the New Websites

The new website, can be a simple catalog of articles or a large portal, should not include the gross technical errors. Therefore, from the very start, try to do everything thoroughly and efficiently. The main errors are incorrect HTML-code. In addition, you need to pay attention to the Website Page Speed. If the internal problems are eliminated, but the site continues to slow to load, it is best to try to change the hosting to a leading services. Besides Google is updating its algorithms very often now for Pagespeed of the website along with unique content, doorway pages and website being mobile friendly. You can search if your website is good for mobile friendly searches or not in Google Webmaster Mobile-Friendly Tool.

2. New Website Promotion

Fresh websites should not immediately spin at competitive requests. Optimally, start with low-frequency and midrange requests. Then, gradually incorporate keywords to get high requests. As a result, you will break into the top specific requirements and because of this, begin to rise better SERPs. Do not forget about social network profiles and social network link sharings.

3. BackLinks for New Websites

It is important to build up a backlinks weight as evenly as possible. This process should be as similar to the natural. Many people try to get more backlinks in short period of time, which is always dangerous. Such hasty measures of bulk buying of links of better PR websites, can kill the ranking of new websites and because of these steps your website may get ban and remember if gets banned it is darn difficult to lift the ban.

4. Which Content is Best for New Websites

It is critical that your self-written or purchased content shall be unique and of high quality. Along with it shall be interesting and relevant text. All articles must be optimized with Top SEO Keywords used in those articles. If you do not comply with this condition, you can get your website on Top SERPs only by chance or luck. Do not forget to use the top keywords in the URL and Title, Headings, properly highlighted with underlines and bold font. You must fill the description and keywords accordingly and properly, and especially for the images use the ALT Attribute. Content should be added regularly and systematically. It is best to write one article a week and in a month to add four articles. Update the content often is better, because it affects the regularity of visits from search engines. Do not leave the page blank or invalid links.

5. Sandbox

New website searchers treated with some caution. Typically, such sites do not trust the first place in the extradition. That is why the methods of promotion that are working with the old websites, may not be useful for the new websites. Therefore, at first, do not panic and just be patient.

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