Top 10 Gadgets in 2013 worth Anticipated


Entering 2013, the development of increasingly vibrant gadget will ensure the presence of new technologies. Here are Top 10 gadgets in 2013 that ought to be awaited presence in this year:

List of Top 10 Gadgets in 2013

1. Smartphone Sail Bending biggest leap for smartphone technology is touch-screen technology. The next stage should be a technology that allows the screen to be able to flexibly bend when used.

2. iPhone 6 We all know sooner or later the iPhone 6 will come. Maybe there will be no major changes in terms of features, but the next-generation iPhone will feature all the upgrades that always appear in the annual cycle.

3. Samsung Galaxy S IV fourth generation of Samsung Galaxy are scheduled to arrive in February 2013. Smartphone vendors besutan origin South Korea will have a 5-inch OLED display, storage capacity up to 128 GB, 3 GB of RAM and a processor ARM Cortex A15 quad-core.

4. Playstation 4 Sony does not say much about the next Playstation generation, but many rumors mention the Playstation 4 will soon be launched at this year’s Sony. Design konsolnya even long circulating on the internet.

5. Xbox 720 A recent report from Microsoft stating the next generation Xbox will be called Xbox 720 or Xbox Loop, developer-developer games on the Xbox platform also has made a game-proclaimed latest games. Xbox 720 will launch pad projected December 2013.

6. 5 iPad iPad Lovers seems to be ready again reached into their bag, for iPad 5 is likely to be completed in mid-2013’s. With similar features as the iPad Mini that makes it lighter and slimmer.

7. Fujitsu LifeBook 2013 Fujitsu LifeBook 2013 is a concept device. LifeBook 2013 has a digital camera, smartphone, and tablet are all attached to the device and can be removed and used individually. Each component has its own CPU and can run on the same operating system.

8. Phone Amazon Amazon Phone Expansion may be bruised importance to the integration of software and. Amazone users really want to still be able to access the Amazon AppStore, Amazon MP3, Amazon Cloud Player and Kindle Books. Phone Amazon Amazon will answer consumer desire.

9. Google Glasses Google experimenting with glasses that can connect to the internet and allows you to use it like a smartphone. Google CEO Larry Page said Google Glasses will appear at the beginning of this year 2013.

10.Pro Microsoft Surface Microsoft Surface RT already sold, but Microsoft Surface Pro coming soon with a full version of Windows 8, Windows 7 also supports application. All of that is packed with an Intel Core i5 processor and a screen that supports multi-touch 10-point and stylus input.

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