April 5, 2017

Top 10 Best Ever Foods For Smokers - We Bet You Don't Know!

Nowadays, this curse called as the cigarette is prevailing deeper into the roots of our community. One of the chief components in the cigarette is “nicotine”. It is highly toxic and addictive drug. Due to this, the cigarettes are causing heart problems, high blood pressure, lungs damage and more. Even if the smoker person quit smoking, the bad impacts of nicotine last for years. Because the nicotine is still present inside the smoker’s body. Hence, it will force the smoker to ingest it even more via other sources as well.

But quitting the smoking is not all that difficult if someone really wants to do so. All those who have accomplished to abandon smoking with great efforts can also leave out the nicotine through the body. This can be done to a high extend through the inclusion of certain foods in their daily diet.

The nicotine reduces the amount of vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin A. So eating these below-mentioned foods also takes up your level of these vitamins to overcome the deficiency. Moreover,And these foods are even crucial for the removal of nicotine from the body.cigarette - smokers image

Furthermore, these foods help the body cleaning process which aids in the smoke-quitting initiation. Here are mentioned some of the foods to quit smoking with cleansing effect to your body.

1. Oranges For Smokers:

As you know by now that the oranges are a great natural source of vitamin C. Moreover, they also help to boost up your metabolism. Once you add this magical fruits in your diet, this would act as a vital source of vitamins and other essential components to your body. While its citrus components give you the immunity against smoking harms. Recent scientific studies revealed that the orange and other alike citrus fruits are very useful for stress release.

2. Broccoli For Smokers:

Although some people really don’t like the characteristic taste of broccoli. But you can use it in the form of other foods as an ingredient. This specific green vegetable is provided with the huge amount of various vitamins. While especially for smokers it contains vitamin B5. This vitamin is used to comply with the bad teeth as a result of smoking. Because of continuous smoking, people got their teeth to be weak, more prone to diseases and also have their color changed. This vitamin B5 helps to prevent these smoky harms. More than this, broccoli also helps to reduce weight in healthy manner. So, upon quitting smoking, you would not have to be concern about getting some extra pounds.cigarette - smokers image

3. Carrot For Smokers:

It is directed through a scientific study that when you smoke even one cigarette, the nicotine will go once inside your body. This nicotine will then get off from your body after three days. So by this, you can imagine that what blast would burst inside your body when you smoke cigarettes over a regular basis. Carrot is provided with a huge amount of vitamins C, K, B complex, and A. These essential components make this to be tremendously efficient in eliminating this harmful nicotine from your body. For more beneficial effect, carrot juice is recommended to the smokers. This is also very favorable for the skin, as the cigarette smokers also got their skin damaged due to continual inhaling of the smoke inside them.

4. Kiwi For Smokers:

This beautiful fruit is also very useful in for smokers to get out of the bad effect. This can truly help a smoker to flush out all the toxic components from your body. This fruit provides the soothing effect. Also, this fruit is provided with a rich amount of vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C. The amount of these vitamins in the smoker’s body is at a very low level. Thus, eating the kiwi or drinking its freshly made juice will surely help to get the body out of the nicotine traces.

5. Green Leafy Vegetables (Especially Spinach):

Green leafy vegetables are the rich source of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they are also very well known for the cleansing of blood present in the body. But at the peak of the list among dark green leafy vegetables is the spinach.

Along with being a rich source of vitamins, the spinach is also comprised of a rich amount of folate. Moreover, the spinach is also very useful to diminish out nicotine from the body.cigarette - smokers image

6. Pomegranate For Smokers:

These red and amazingly delicious tangy fruit is proved as a real remedy for the smokers. They also help to boost up the regulation of your blood circulation process and the cells of the body. Along with this, it also works as an excellent body cleanser. This fruit can also assist you to quit smoking. While, if you eat pomegranate on the regular basis, it would cover up the anxiety for nicotine arouse in the addicted smoker.

7. Lavender For Smokers:

Just same as everything so far including the abovementioned, the lavender is proved to be very useful to quit smoke. It is a great source of many minerals and vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E. Moreover, lavender also play a very important role in the protection of your immune system which becomes weaker through smoking. Lavender oil is also used against nicotine. So, what are you waiting for if you ARE a smoker? Do not falter to start including these green vegetables in your daily diet. This is one of the most efficient ways to diminish out the nicotine from your system (body).

8. Berries For Smokers:

Pretty much alike way as red yummy strawberries, the other berries are also a potential source of minerals and vitamins. Hence eating berries is a very significant way for remove out toxins from your system.cigarette - smokers image

9. Water For Smokers:

One does not need to know about any rocket science to know that the cigarette smoking surely leads to the dehydration of the body. However, one of the most operative ways to purify your body is to drink as much water as you can. Because the water flushes off the toxins accumulated in the body due to smoking.

10. Guava For Smokers:

Due to the years of continual cigarette smoking, the amount of vitamin C goes at a poor level. Guava contains the highest amount of vitamin C in it (among fruits). Thus having guava in your daily diet can significantly improve your health. Moreover, having this fruit in your diet can assist in the reduction of poisons gathered in your body as a result of smoking. Also, this fruit will let you feel much better and active than you use to be.

Photo by Haprog_

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