July 14, 2013

Three Companies Willing to Purchase Video Service Hulu

Online Video Service Hulu has already received three offers to buy for more than $1 billion USD - from Satellite TV operator DirectTV, Telecom operator AT & T and The Chernin Group. In order to buy the Hulu Online Video Service, buyers are required to apply before Friday. In this case, the transaction can be closed in the coming weeks.

The current negotiations - is not the first attempt to sell Hulu. According to media reports, in 2011, Yahoo!, Google, Microsoft, Apple have already tried loosen their pockets for the purchase of the asset. However, the deal did not materialize and didn't come to any proper end. As stated then media companies offered for Hulu even more $1 billion USD instance, Yahoo! was even willing to pay $2 billion USD, but only the exclusive rights to all TV content for four or five years are also transferred if.

Internet service Hulu allows its users to view a variety of television programs, serials, films. The number of paid subscribers to the service, which pay for the premium service at a rate of nearly $8 per month, more than 3 million people. You can use the service for free, but also in the subject to view advertisements as well. Hulu owners are Walt Disney, 21st Century Fox and Comcast.

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