July 4, 2013

The Most Highly Paid Profession in the World

In June 2013, the highest salary offered to most programmers and managers in sales.

Despite the fact that many months of specialists in industrial and financial sector fell into the top ten most highly paid professionals, this month to pay the maximum increasingly willing to those who know how to sell or programming. Similarly, the looks and the top 10 highest-paid positions:

Profession Salary (USD)
Business manager 6000
Head of Internal Audit 4000
Director of Catering Company 4000
Senior Java Developer 4000
Senior Drupal Developer 3700
Head of the representative office (business development) 3500
Director of wholesale sales (clothes for Tourism) 3200
Commercial Director (APC) 3000
Specialist in the development of web interfaces 3000-6000
Production director at a pharmaceutical plant 2800

In June, the work of looking for 42,986 specialist. This is approximately the same as in the previous month. The indicators of competition in the market index (the ratio of the number of vacancies to resume) have not changed.

One vacancy claimed up to five candidates. In the areas with the highest competition of such a figure was 10-11 candidates for the position, and the areas with the lowest competitive one candidate could offer two vacancies.

The data were obtained by analyzing a database of vacancies and CV International HR portal in June 2013.

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