August 3, 2013

The Google Glass "Hacked" Will Journalism Change?

The functions of the device to change the way of covering news

Fastcolabs  brings us back to the ' activities of contributors : Deputy, Tim Pool , who used the glass Google " hacked "with a particular app managing to capture the outbreaks hottest world showing how with the "Google Glass" can do journalism with the best outcome, so as to be able to use the glasses is in smoke of tear gas is in the midst of cops nervous.

The APP LAUNCHY - This indicates that the journalists in the future could use Google glass in war scenarios. Pool has used his glasses to resume protests and taking photographs and has used the tool to talk with his producers thousands of miles away, to talk to people from the unknown language and can be accessed remotely from your PC. This means that Google glass could represent a revolution as happened with the iPhone. Pool before trying to use the phone as you would a journalist he used his head. Through an app, Launchy, added the live streaming, the voice translator and remote access to your PC, using a mini USB keyboard.

occhiali-per-social-hangout1.jpg (880×495)

AN ELECTRONIC EYE - Pool realized that this tool has shortcomings such as poor battery life, reduced bandwidth and how external objects, in this case tear gas, they can ruin them. But this is nothing when you consider the benefits.For example Pool was able to document the demonstrations in support of Trayvon Martin without running the risk of being arrested for not shooting. In addition Pool is not a journalist but it is the soul of the livestream of Occupy Wall Street through his organization, "The Other 99". Pool explained that the glass have made ​​life easier because even bring other instruments for many hours can 'be tiring.

google-glass-vice-2.gif (346×195) google-glass-vice-1.gif (346×195)

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