March 20, 2013

The creators of Twitter received a patent for service

Microblogging site Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone received a U.S. patent for the service itself and the basic principles of his work should be of publication on the website of the Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Patent for a "device independent platform for the dissemination of messages" was awarded the co-founder of Twitter March 19, 2013 - nearly six years after the filing of the application to the USPTO."Look, Ma, I'm now officially an inventor (my childhood dream)!" - Wrote in his Twitter-blog Stone.


The patent describes a "system and method for communication between the device-independent clause with multiple destinations." "The system is configured to receive messages addressed to one or more users," with a message meant SMS, instant message, email, entered into a web form text, and so on.

In addition to platform independence and variety of ways to post messages, the patent describes the principle of "following" or subscription (following), the principle of sending messages without the need to know the destination for which the system automatically shows the messages to the subscribers account, and the ability to customize the preferred mode of receiving messages.

Some social online services also use this functionality, which could potentially lead to a conflict in the market, says Mashable. About a year ago the Twitter announced that it would use patents solely for the purpose of protection from competitors, and only with the consent of the authors of these patents.

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