March 22, 2016

Tesla will open pre-order for electric Model 3

On March 31 Tesla will first time demonstrate its new electric Model 3. This time, the company promises to act strictly according to the schedule without slippage, taking into account the lessons of the model Model X, the output of which has been repeatedly postponed.

Model 3 with the price at around $35,000 and the path length of up to 200 miles (320 km) to become a key part to increase the production of electric cars the company's plan in 2020 to 500,000 units.

Teaser Tesla Model 3 models Model S and Model X

To achieve this goal, the creation of relatively low-cost models, capable to gain popularity among many motorists may not be enough. Tesla needs a renewed plant capable to produce much more electric. The company recently demonstrated the Wall Street analysts reconstructed the plant, and they liked what they saw.

Compared with the state of the plant during a visit last year, " progress is truly stunning ," wrote analyst James Albertine.

Tesla Model S Image

The plant started operations previously under the auspices of a joint venture of General Motors and Toyota, and then really produce 500 000 vehicles per year during the peak load.

After the transition in ownership of Tesla factory has been focused on the release of a much smaller number of vehicles. In order to increase its production capacity, the Company held replacement of equipment, including the installation of new high-power presses for forging aluminum parts. According to an analyst at Credit Suisse, the press is 10-20 times greater than its predecessor in performance. Model S and Model are the X aluminum body, but Tesla has not yet uncover, from which it is made bodywork Model 3.

It is reported that in addition Tesla built a new paint shop and increased the speed of the assembly line to increase output. Tregilus

Batteries for Model 3 will continue to be supplied by the Tesla Gigafactory near Reno (Nevada), which is still under construction. Its launch is scheduled for next year.

The company announced that on 31 March will be open pre-order the Model 3. The owners of electric Model S and Model the X get priority when ordering Model 3, whose release will start in 2017.

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