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October 26, 2013

Microsoft Capitalization Exceeded $300 Billion

Microsoft capitalization & shares at the beginning of the trading session on October 25 rose by more than six percent, which enabled the company’s capitalization to rise above $300 billion. For comparison, Apple is worth 483 Billion Dollars, and Google – 342 Billion Dollars.

Microsoft capitalization details

One share of Microsoft is October 25th just crossed over 36 dollars. Above this level of securities rose only a few times in its history. Last for a short time it was in July 2013. $ 37 mark in the campaign “break through” in 2007 on the eve of the crisis. During the so-called “Dotcom Bubble” at the turn of the century securities [...]

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October 21, 2013

Apple is preparing a keyboard for the iPad

It seems that not only Nokia has decided to write off the tablet design of Surface Microsoft Cover Keyboard and now Apple Company is also taking interest.

According to one former employee relations department, Jamie Ryan, the company has been working on a cover-keyboard, which is a bit too similar to the Microsoft Touch Cover.

Ryan added that there are good chances to see this creature at the presentation of Apple this Tuesday. Ryan received such information from other employees of the company and said that there is no guarantee that the keyboard is ready for presentation this week.

It remains to wait for the event, because no official word to the company [...]

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October 3, 2013

LG & Samsung Releasing Smartphones With Flexible Display

LG followed by Samsung plans to introduce a smartphone with a flexible screen until the end of the October 2-13. The companies intend to compete for technological leadership in the mobile phone market after both fired OLED-TVs with concave displays.

LG Electronics has no plans to relinquish technological leadership and Samsung is about to release a smartphone with a flexible display almost simultaneously with its rival, according to ZDNet Korea.

The use of a flexible display in the smartphone does not mean that the ability to bending will have the device itself. Manufacturers planning to use the flexible matrix to give the curved shape of the front of the phone, as well [...]

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September 18, 2013

Facebook Testing Videos Autoplay in Profile with Video Ads

Facebook began testing video autoplay in versions of its service for mobile devices, paving the way to make the social network of 1,150 million members in an attractive location for lucrative advertisements similar to television.

The videos will be silent when they appear on the news of a Facebook user, but will be expanded and audio to be clicked on, the company published its official blog Thursday.

Only videos uploaded to Facebook by individual users, celebrities and musicians have the AutoPlay during testing, the company said. However, they stressed that it “will consider how to present this to business firms in the future.”

The test, which [...]

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