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May 11, 2014

Yandex has Opened its own Android Store

Russian Internet company “Yandex” has made ​​available to the public an online store applications for the Android “Yandeks.Store “, which is positioned as an alternative to Google Play store and has to date 50 000 programs, said the “Yandex”.

“Now the market is Android-devices are very heterogeneous. In addition to the major players, there are many small companies. Launching a new store, we are expanding the choices available to mobile device manufacturers and, as a result, end-users “, – said the head of the “Yandeks.Store” Alexander Zverev.

According to the company, users can already download free [...]

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December 3, 2013

FIFA Released the Official App for iOS and Android

As major event of FIFA World Cup 2014 is coming a head and everyone is looking forward to it, FIFA launched an official App for two major platforms i.e. iOS and Android. Which is already available to users and reports real-time results on the 85 top world leagues. As these two major platforms are mostly used around the world, so it is a very wise step to launch an official app on such a level despite of just a responsive design website.


Fortunately, the app provides news, positions in the standings, statistics, photos and videos on a greater number of teams: a total included 197 leagues from all over the globe. Not only the upcoming events are covered but previous events [...]

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