May 29, 2013

Tablets will overtake PCs by 2015 - Forecast

This year, the supply of Internet tablets will grow by 59%, and personal computers - will decline by 7.8%.

Global shipments for tablets in 2015 will exceed shipments of personal computers due to the growth in demand for low cost tablet models with small screen sizes. This is according to analysts at IDC.

This year, the supply of Internet tablets will grow by 59% from the previous year - from 144.5 million to 229.3 million. Worldwide sales of personal computers in 2013 will decline by 7.8%.

Photo of HP Tablet PC running MS Windows Table...

Photo of HP Tablet PC running MS Windows Tablet Edition. Modified with Picasa2. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A significant share of the growth will occur in low-end models of tablet-based operating system Android. The average world price of the tablet this year will fall by 11% to $ 381, experts predict. Moreover, the trend in the price decline will continue in 2014 against the background of the line iPad Mini and competing devices from Samsung Electronics and Amazon.

"What started off as a sign of the tough economic conditions change rapidly grew into a global computer trend in which mobile devices have become the main beneficiary - says IDC analyst Ryan Reith. - For many consumers tablet - it's a simple and elegant solution for the majority of tasks that the past have been addressed to the PC. "

By 2017, only 333 million PCs will be sold worldwide, while sales of tablets will reach 410 million units.

Recall, the volume  of supply of "smart" mobile devices  rose in the first quarter of 2013 to 308.7 million units. This is 37.4% more than the same period last year, according to research analyst firm Canalys.

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