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SRWare Iron 26.0.1450.0: A Modified Google Chrome

SRWare Iron 26.0.1450.0: A Modified Google Chrome

by Naveed A LodhiApril 12, 2013

Updated released version of the Browser SRWare Iron, Which is A more Secure version of Google Chrome. When you work in Google Chrome Generates A Unique User ID, ​​using Which you can Track the person on the Internet. In this SRWare Iron deficiency was corrected.

Besides, SRWare Iron stores not the Installation program, while Google Chrome A “stamp” used. If the address bar to enter text, IT is automatically sent to Google to Search for Suitable Sites. In doing so, Developers have Also Seen A Threat to privacy and excluded this feature from your browser

SRWare Iron Screenshot
Following “appendix” Which removed the Developers SRWare Iron, option A message to send to Google About malfunctions. In addition, Programmers HAD disabled the background update, Which occupied Resources system. The authors of the project Also eliminated the Possibility of Tracking the Browser Opens the page.

The latest version of the improved profile management, improved spell checker.

Developer:  SRWare
Distribution: Free
Operating system: Windows All
Size 28 MB
Download IT  here .

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