Sony Smartphones Can Broadcast Live Video on YouTube and Twitch


As is known, the most popular systems for streaming games are Twitch and YouTube. Basically, gamers Stream video from your PC or console, while mobile devices are gathering dust on the shelf. Sony has tried to change the situation, because it believes that games for smartphones are also worth sharing and worth watching.

Sony Smart Social Camera rich in a variety of applications that extend the capabilities of photo and video. The set of applications has a special add-in for online streaming video on YouTube. The Japanese felt that this is not enough, and have partnered with Twitch – popular social service for gamers, the monthly audience of which consists of 100 million.

The application was renamed to “Live Screen Streaming” (it was Live on YouTube) and working on flagship Xperia Z3 +, Z4, Z4v tablets  and Xperia Z4 Tablet. While the service is active only in certain regions, and its page in Google Play is here. Sony says it could not ignore the growing popularity of mobile gamingTwitch application installed 35 million times on Android platform, and now the owners of the most relevant flagship can transmit their own content and interact with the world’s largest gaming community. Twitch, in turn, calls the Sony Mobile innovator who will help in the further development of the gaming platform on Android.

Live Screen Streaming utility designed specifically for mobile gadgets and enables to broadcast the image on the display device or tablet Twitch or YouTube.

The program provides an opportunity not only to quickly create video clips and edit them, then loaded into the network. Users are allowed to broadcast everything that they want direct from the screen.

Earlier, Samsung Corporation has introduced somewhat same decision. However, their program had some differences, and for the better. Service allows you to include a front camera device and use it to create a common movie. Another drawback of the utility Live screen streaming is that it works only on top-end solutions from Sony.