September 13, 2013

Sony DualShock 4 Can Be Compatible With a PC

There are rumors that Sony DualShock 4, which was developed for the PlayStation 4 will function as a standard USB controller when connected to the PC. If this proves to be true, it means that, like the Xbox 360 from Microsoft (we do not know whether to run the controller from the Xbox One PC based on Windows, but it is likely that it could happen), the controller can be used in Sony for the management of computer games that support the standard controller USB.

This will lead to a greater Gaming experience for both PS4 as well as PC gamers. These kind of things must be given to users to have broader experience on multi-platform games. More users means more sales not only for PS4 but also covering a world wide range for PC platform.

According to rumors, the touchpad DualShock 4 can be recognized as a standard touchpad in your laptop. DualShock 4 lets you take advantage of the built-in USB HID drivers and does not require additional driver support in Windows beyond what already exists in the OS natively.

Of course Sony can change the ID on the USB controller to start the console to make it incompatible without some sort of support from the drivers, but for the moment this seems unlikely, according to sources.

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