Social Network “VK.COM” Legalize Pirated Movies


Social network VKontakte commonly known as VK.COM figured out how to legalize video. The social network intends to sign an agreement with online movie theaters that already have contracts with the owners.

Technically administration of social networks will have to find and replace all illegal copies of films and music videos on the licensed content. For users that have uploaded the movie illegally are promised to be left free, but the video ads will appear. It is not confirmed officially that whether the revenue earned from the Video ads will be given to Original owners or not.

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Earlier it was reported that the social network “VKontakte” to implement technology that will block the download of pirated video on the site. Blocking pirated content is similar to the technology of Content ID, which uses a service Youtube. This is a very bold step in terms of promoting Videos and Letting the owners earn money with Movies with the help of Video Ads. This step will not only require very much website resources but also many human resources will be required for this task to be completed.

Already this summer they implemented the so-called system of “digital fingerprint” for audio files. It creates an image of the composition, and then almost impossible to download a copy.

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