Skype has been Migrated to a Cloud Service


A few months ago, Microsoft announced its intention to make the Skype cloud services, but further details have not followed, despite the fact that VoIP-platform has become an important product in the company’s lineup. Now Skype has been moved into the cloud and running on Windows Azure.

According to the Corporate Vice President Scott Guthrie, each Office 365 user have access to the Windows Azure Active Directory. “Authentication, security and access control in Office 365 via Windows Azure. Xbox Live and Xbox One actively use Windows Azure. Skype, the components of which have been developed primarily here in London the center of development, now also runs on Azure. As for SkyDrive, it is now hosting the file is in the process of decommissioning old servers and migration to Azure. All new files received for storage in SkyDrive, are now sent to Azure” – said Guthrie.

Besides the fact that Skype migration to the cloud is an important step towards increasing the level of security, it may be a good attempt to block any government programs for tracking users and protects them from listening to conversations.

By the end of 2014 Microsoft will move to 2048-bit encryption, and as well as other technology giants including Google and Facebook, requires the government for greater transparency. Note that in 2012 the company received 75,378 government requests for disclosure of 137,424 accounts.

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