July 4, 2015

Select Android Phone Suitable for You

One-step forward by Google for launching online tool to choose the accurate Android phone for you

Now-a-days, there are several varieties with the similar specifications of Android phones in the world’s market and you will be facing problems to choose best-one out of them.

Don’t worry about that as the Google has resolved this problem by extending an opportunity for the users through launching a new website which will definitely help you to decide which Android phone should be good for you to upgrade or simply looking around you.

There is an option "Find the Android phone for you" on the website of the Android company'. The Google describe the tool by saying, "Out of many Android phones to choose right from, on the Company’s site, there is a great place to start with. Only answer three or more rapid questions, and Google will guide you in the best way to choose good phones just for you."

The method is quite uncomplicated. The tool provided by Google  will ask users to select what their next "Android phone is for".  First, Google will ask the user that what you plan to use your device for by offering 12 options consisting of many things such as taking photos, social media, or staying fit (don't worry, you can choose more than one). You will be taken through some questions for that specific task after every selection e.g. when we choose "listening to music" them Google will ask that how many hours a day we projected on listening on speakers or through headphones. Users have to opt for at least three options, and then they will be allowed click on "Show Me Phones" to view the recommended handsets. After selection at least three interests, the user can then choose which carrier the user plan to go with (this step is optional). Finally, Google will offer suggestions for various phones of user’s interest with comparisons alongside of each specific sheet.

In the results page, users can also filter the smart phones on the basis of carriers, sizes, prices, and latest phones. In case of unfiltered, the results will show a large number of varieties of handsets i.e. LG G4Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 EdgeHTC One M9, etc. In the results, each handset has reasons for the selections shown, or rather its best attributes such as 'social multi-tasker' and 'balanced speed & endurance.' It is unknown that how many brands the Google's database has include so while the results are limited, the tool can help you lead in the right way.

Overall, the tool is much attractive. While it may not be fairly effective or essential for the technical know-how for the customer but it could be useful for those who just want some help to find out something that may useful for their future needs.

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