Search Engine Yandex Showing Errors in News Feeds


Yesterday, the search engine ” Yandex ” was showing failures in News Feeds. Site users who have tried to visit the site from their PCs, noticed program crashes. In the film “Top Five” most relevant news of the day, were seen over the news two days ago. There are evidence that this case has not affected the mobile version of the site.

Press-service of one of the most popular search engine, said that they are working on eliminating errors. The Company recognized the problem and immediately started to deal with it. Eliminating these problems is a priority for the company which is now in Top Most Search Engines list, so a lot of time will be required to rectify the errors. Recently Yandex Opened and Online Android Store.

Arkady Volozh, ceo of Yandex
Arkady Volozh, CEO of Yandex (Photo credit: Esthr)

Interruptions in updating news lines must not be affected by such a service as “Yandex. NEWS “, where users get updated news with the actual course of events and find out about all the “Hottest” news of the day. Here I might recall that this online service is just committed to collect updates about the news stories from a variety of other online website sources. Later, these subjects are divided according to their relevance and popularity among users.

In the past year, in October 2012, there was a visible failure of the various site services. This was expressed in the fact that about one hour, users of “Yandex” from several countries of the world were not able to access the main page of the site and search engine.

As you know, “Yandex – An online company” is named in one of the largest companies of the world. On the main page of their website every month, approximately forty-five million people arrives and get benefits of the latest and updated search results. Its the Russia’s largest search engine, accounting for nearly sixty percent of the entire market. Also, “Yandex” provides other services to consumers, including such services like “Yandex Mail”, “Yandex Translator”, “Yandex Dictionary”, “Yandex Music”, and many others. Yandex has also started a Advertiser and Publisher accounts but this services is only for Russian Language based websites.

Of course, the problem on such a popular site, simply don’t stand a chance to remain undetected. Many users are really concerned about what really is happening, because the use of “Yandex” has already become a part of their life and work. Failures in such a global system can lead to unexpected and furthermore, unpleasant consequences.

In the meantime, the company employees are fully engaged in troubleshooting, and because of this the level of confidence in the “Yandex” has dropped significantly. Perhaps if they convince their users and visitors that nothing serious happened to the site for which they should not be afraid of. Let’s just hope that these troubles will occur as less as possible, and will not have much impact on the company’s reputation.