Samsung Started Production of Mirror Display


Mirror displays have long considered by manufacturers and consumers as a good support in the field of services and design. In many science fiction movies we might have seen this idea anyway, and some “DIY” managed to add to the usual mirror plate to show the weather and time directly on the glass. And Samsung has launched the production of its own mirror displays.

So far, the cost of them is not known, and they will go on sale not earlier than the third quarter, but the first product is already used in a beauty salon LEEKAJA HAIRBIS in Seoul. These displays allow both to look at themselves in a mirror, and pick hairstyle, and so on. Developers are confident that the new product will be in demand in the interior design, in particular, in the ‘smart’ homes.

Specifications displays were not disclosed, we only know that they have a diagonal of 55 inches. The other parameters are not announced.

It is important to note that such innovation though is a niche solution, but still show that the company “probes” different lines of development of markets.

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