September 3, 2013

Samsung Showed Images of Smart Clock - Galaxy Gear

Samsung Electronics presents a new high-tech gadget Galaxy Gear the Smart Clock.

Samsung Electronics, September 4, on the eve of the Berlin exhibition of electronic novelties IFA 2013 presented a new high-tech gadget Galaxy Gear, which is a web-based plug-clock Anfroid. It was learned that gadget is a large electronic wristwatch with a 3-inch LCD screen, runs on Android and having a 4-megapixel camera.

Currently the gear is in completion mode, yet it does not replace your smartphone or Tablet obviously, and more advanced fitness device. The programs installed are quite limited and some of the programs related to the Medical-sports theme. The watch supports Bluetooth, WiFi and connectivity with smartphones Samsung Galaxy S.

Gear of the software can distinguish programs for counting calories and monitoring of fitness workouts, and the heart rate monitor and a medical monitor.

Earlier there were reports that the platform Gear will be open and under it will be possible to write third-party applications.

Also let us remind you that Apple is working on its own design on online plug-hours. Release of iOS-hours is more likely expected by the end of the Year.

Source: VentureBeat

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