November 21, 2015

Samsung S health App: Track, Improve and Administer

A healthy lifestyle mainly depends upon our diet, exercise and on the way how we pursue our activities. There are many factors controlling health but some of the factors are quite common and everybody is well aware of them. A person lifestyle can be improved merely by concentrating on these factors.

The factors may include things like need of exercise, not getting enough sleep, how to get benefit from healthy diet etc. such questions may not be the exact indicators of one’s life but these are good checks to keep an eye on.

To have the answer to all these questions we need some expert advice, but people really do not consult physicians for this purpose.

Good News

Apart from the apps of glamor and fashion there is still a whole lot of Apps that are contributing to society. Smartphones have the sensors that can do all things being achieved using wearable devices. Samsung has made use of this fact. There are many innovations in Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, one such App is Samsung’s S Health App that makes a valuable App on the list. It is all in one App and is a good gift to the users and is completely free as well. The new S Health can help you keep the track of your everyday activities, acquire coaching to reach your daily goals, and improve your fitness with various training programs.  The functionalities of the App are given below.


Stay Fit

A variety of fitness programs is available. It sets goals for every day that meet user requirements and help them achieve new milestones that have direct impact on health. To help users achieve all this various charts and tips are being provided for better understanding. The motto behind this feature is “STAY FIT AND HEALTHY WITH NEW S HEALTH”.


Track it

This feature allows the user to track each and every activity. It not only keeps the track of user activities, they keep track of health by measuring and managing the activities like heart rate, SpO2 and also in detection of ultra-violet using Samsung’s sensor. Also blood oxygen saturation level and sunlight UV lights are also detectable.


Manage it

It keeps manages a summary of user activities. The goals and milestones to be achieved can be edited. Dashboard can be customized as well.


Improve it

If someone is using the app for the first time voice assistant guide is given for convenience of the user. If the user has achieved his milestone then a feature “Baby Steps to 5k” can make user achieve the purpose.


  • Open S health app
  • Create a folder
  • Enter basic information and the activity level to be maintained.
  • Specific goal to be achieved can be set on dashboard.
  • Different modules can be selected to meet users demands like be more active, eat healthier, feel more rested
  • The progress report of few days is shown after every few days for the plain being selected.


 S Health supports all Android smartphones

In April Samsung launched S Health and was initially made available to Galaxy sets. Now the company has made it available to all running Android 4.4 and Kit Kat. So now you do not have to purchase Samsung phone to benefit yourself from S Health. Anyone can now have access to its health tracking options, get coaching to accomplish certain goals, and pick up fitness with an assortment of training programs.

So if the Google Fit is not meeting your demands the way you want S Health can be a better alternative. This isn’t really a surprise as company owners have decided to make smartwatches of Gear2 will be available to non-Samsung users as well.

Additional information

Updated                                  Size                                            Installs

September 17, 2015                 42M                                          50,000,000 - 100,000,000

Current Version                     Required Android                      Rating                              4.4 or above                               rated for 3+


NOTE: that S Health is deliberate for vigor and wellness purposes only and is not intended for use as a substitute of a physician. Diagnosis of disease, other conditions or the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease cannot be achieved using the App.

Written by: Sidra Aleem | Image from techbeasts

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