July 21, 2014

Samsung is preparing to release a line of premium headphones

Samsung Mobile has announced a series of expensive portable headphone and press Apple has assured that they have been designed for direct competition with Beats after they bought Apple.

The fact that Samsung has held all the research and design work long before the Beats was bought, is not important. "Apple" press is full of news about the multi-billion dollar purchase, so that's why Samsung deal should be a copy, even if this requires a time machine in action.


Samsung Level is an expensive portfolio of mobile audio products. Level line is a set of three premium headphones and speakers with Bluetooth, which "are designed for portability and style, producing high quality sound," according to Samsung. Currently there are Level Over, Level On, Level In and Level Box. All four devices work with smartphones and tablets, and Level Over you can further customize the application using Samsung Level.

Level synchronized with Milk Music, which runs from Slacker, a free music streaming service from Samsung for selected devices Galaxy. We have already said that the device will be expensive. Level Over can be purchased for $ 349.99, Level On for $ 179.99, Level In for $ 149.99 and Level Box for $ 169.99.

Samsung is going to commence latest thread of premium headphones for all phones and tabs, as claimed by a sales guide image taken by SamMobile.

The head phones are in two varieties, in-ear and on-ear. The headphones either in-ear or on-ear models approaching in two flavors, wired and wireless. Braced with S voice application on connected headphones and tabs for voice operation.

Prices are incredible starting from $349 for the apex models, having features like remote controls, noise cancellation operation and equalizers, and all the models of headphones are coming with various accessories like airplane plug adapter for using in airplane.

The gradual prices recommend the users will get quality sound from all models of headphones, but still we can’t discuss their quality without using them.

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